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Our merchandise is sold and distributed in all 50 states and several countries.


Our products are divided into four categories. Christmas and Spring section.

Each category may be accessed by clicking on the links that fall out of the Products tab above. When an item is selected, you are directed to a flipbook in our catalog. You can select an individual item and add it to your shopping cart.

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NOTE: Minimum order quantity is $100 (before shipping charges)

There is minimum quantity per item. For example, if you look in the description of the item, it will say (P-1/6/72) and the unit of measure will say dozen. The minimum quantity to order is 6 dozen. The 1 refers to the amount in a bag and the 6 refers to the amount in the box and 72 refers to the case pack. If the description has (P-1/24) and the unit of measure is gross. The minimum amount you need to purchase is 1 gross. Please make sure that quantities are divisible by box pack. For example, if box pack is 6 dozen, please order in multiples of 6.

If an item displays as "Temporarily Unavailable" please call us. From time to time
style or color variations may cause this message to display.